Wow, that was pretty powerful stuff. I realised that I was thinking about myself in the wrong way, and what I want in a brother was vague, but thanks to your exercises, I am now alhamdulillah clearer than before.

SubhanAllah! This video really got me thinking and actually writing stuff down.

I though that I knew what I wanted, but when you actually start writing, reality strikes.

When I thought about Marriage, I actually thought of what I want and don’t want in a husband or in the marriage . But Alhumdulillah, I learnt that knowing yourself and being confident in yourself are the keys to starting and keeping a successful marriage.

JazaakiAllahKhair for sharing such an amazing mini-program.


Excellent sister, you have done a great job.

This is exactly that direction girls want before their marriage. You know most girls used to say "oh! I didn’t have good advisor and now I’m here facing all of this problems etcetc"

I never write and think anything about myself in such detail, but I have done Alhumdhulillah!!!

Thank you so much for advising us and sharing this programme which will help us Insha’Allah


1. what makes it worth it? I know it is worth it already; it seems the team has worked hard to develop such an innovative training program for Muslims. Hope they continue to take the feedback and make it best serve our needs.

I would like to get closer to becoming married inshallah, and rectify the mistakes I may be making or improve my presentation.

Assalaamu Aliakumwa Rahmatullah


Like one of the sisters mentioned, Alhamdulilah I’m already confident that this seminar is totally worth the investment, insha’Allah. Honestly at first I was really hesitant on joining because of the financial cost since I’m currently in a tight spot financially, but once the team opened up the three payment option I was determine to develop some sort of plan. Alhamdulilah I’m sooo happy Allah, swt, made that possible for me!

If I can change the way I view myself and just feel more confident about myself and appreciate my self-worth, I think that change would be the one of the most significant. And Alhamdulilah, with just one week in and a few webinars, I can already feel myself on my way there!

Jazak’Allahkhair for everything you’re doing!!! I’ve been talking about the importance of action items and implementation with everyone these days and am really umphed to make significant and lasting changes insha’Allah!!

As SalamuAlaykum, Megan,First of all, I want to thank you so much for teaching me all the things about finding Mr. Right so far. I've learned and grown so much and have come a long way since I started this seminar. Insha Allah, if I'm blessed with marriage and have a daughter (and of course, if my future husband agrees), I will name my daughter after you.

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