How A Normal Muslim Mom Went Through 21-Years of Abuse in a Marriage...
that Ended in her being Divorced and on Welfare...
Only to become a global leader in overcoming the pain, guilt and anger of divorce...
And How You can use her Roadmap to Finally Gain Peace and Closure...


Asalamu alaikum,

My name is Fatima, and if you're a divorced Sister or brother, this may be the most important message you ever hear.

Alhumdulillah today I am blessed to be happily re-married, and I get to speak globally on the stage with shaykhs like Siraj Wahaj & Zaid Shakir.

I get to help sisters & brothers overcome their issues after divorce, and come back even stronger than they were before  - but it wasn't always like this.

Actually, there was a time when I was wondering,

"Will My Life Ever be Peaceful and Happy Again After Divorce?"

About 5 years ago, I left a 21 year long abusive marriage with 5 kids (my second in a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy).


Probably like you, I was very scared, angry, and felt guilty, thinking

 "why couldn't I make it work?"

And if you're anything like me, you never thought you'd get divorced.

I made it a point to be the best daughter in law, and the best wife when I got married, I wanted to make everyone happy.

My parents didn't live in the same country at the time, and they told me that if I had any problems with my in-laws or with my husband - that I should make Salah, and that inshaAllah everything will get better.

So for years -  I prayed, and I would swallow all of the anger and abuse my husband would throw on me, thinking that it will get better all on it's own one day, that this is part of being a good wife.

The Breakthrough That Changed my Life Forever...




But after years of praying and crying, my life changed forever when I read the verse in Surat Ar-Rad

"...Allah will not change the condition of a people, until they change what is within themselves" (13:11)

From that day, I refused to be the victim anymore. 






I wasn't going to let my kids see me cry anymore, or allow them to think how my ex-husband treated me was ok.

When my husband finally did give me talaq, I had a mix of emotions.

Maybe like you, when I first got divorced, I was:

  • Very Scared

  • Angry

  • Embarrassed at my failed marriage - "could I have done better?"

  • Guilty

  • Tired - especially when people would say "stay for the kids" (but had no clue what was going on)


I found myself from being on the top of the world money-wise, to being on government welfare!

How I Got Through the Most Difficult Part of My Life 

At this point, I felt so alone and insecure that I desperately tried whatever I could to find peace and closure in my life.

Over the course of the next 5 years after my divorce, I spent days pouring through books, listening to lectures, and speaking with other divorcees to learn how to get out of my slump.

And the more I dove in and uncovered, the more I realized...

That there were countless people in very similar situations who felt the same things that I was... and they were able to get through it

If I could just figure out the universal patterns that all these now happy divorced people did to heal themselves, I could finally find the peace I was looking for and heal myself inshaAllah!

time to heal

Over time, I realized that there were patterns to everyone's healing process, and that overall, the roadmap to getting past divorce is the same! 

I knew there was a way to get past the pain, and alhumdulillah - after reading, analyzing, interviewing,  testing and adjusting...

I finally found the roadmap to help get anyone past their issues in divorce inshaAllah

Alhumdulillah, I was able to get married again, to the love of my life (after Allah and rasool of course) - and I honestly, I've never been happier!

And to both thank Allah and help those who were once in my shoes, I made it my life's mission to help anyone who is going through this time in their life, so you don't have to go through the same years of pain, study, trial and error that i went though.

It Doesn't Have to be This Way, You Don't Have to Suffer

I wish there was someone who understood what I know now and could have walked me through all of my screaming emotions and what to expect when I first went through divorce.

As you know, that wasn't the case, but Alhumdulillah, I get to be that guide for others now, and I want to help you too inshaAllah.

I know what you're going through because I've been through it, and because I've spoken with and coached hundreds of divorced women.


 You deserve a full, rich, enjoyable life, I'm asking you to refuse to be the victim anymore...

Learn The Lessons and Roadmap To Finally Have Peace and Fulfillment after Divorce, Without the Years of Pain, Frustration Trial & Error

I still remember the hopelessness, the ultimate depression, the feeling that life will never get better.

And If I can give you one message from me that I experienced first hand, it's that:

LIFE DOES GET BETTER, and I am living proof that "..with hardship comes ease" (94:5)

But you won't have to go through years of unnecessary pain, you're going to accelerate your road to a brand new life and fresh new beginning where you no longer feel enslaved to your past.   

Me and the team are literally going to walk through every step of getting your life to brand new levels, holding your hand as we discuss how to heal, how to start building your life after divorce, and how to find a new partner and creating your "after-divorce" bucket list.

What You're Getting With Your Seat

  • In 4 Webinar Sessions Over 2 Weeks, You'll Get Expert Advice and Access to Sr. Fatima and Other Top Experts That Have Counseled Hundreds of People, You'll Learn their Most Potent Techniques On How to Build the Life You Want and Deal With Any Hidden/Embarrassing Concerns

  • You won't feel lonely anymore, because you're getting a free month's gold membership to our Second Chance Forum, where you'll find support with hundreds of other sisters in the same boat as you, and get monthly expert webinars and access to me and my team with your questions inshaAllah

  • A normal 1-on-1 session with some of these panelists can cost $150/hour or more, but through the power of the group, you get the same advice over 2 weeks for only $199 total, and you'll have the sessions recorded and available for life!

  • You'll understand the 7 stages of grief, and how to move past wherever you currently are, so you can finally start to feel relief. We will be going MUCH DEEPER and More Comprehensive than the free webinars We Offered in Everything inshaAllah

  • Understand The Embarrassing Inner Limiting Beliefs (including the one's you're afraid to talk about out loud) that Hold You Back, Why They Are Just Illusions, and How to Drive Through Any of Them  (We're we're going to cover at least 20 of these nagging beliefs, including thinking you'll never have sex again)

  • Creating a new & conscious-loving relationship, how to find & keep it fresh and wonderful for good and then how to actually design an exciting life, so you will jump out of bed in the morning inshaAllah

The I Seriously Want You To Benefit Guarantee

Me and the team are ready to prove everything we claim. Claim your seat right now, and take 2 classes before we even bill you. If the Second Chance webinars don't live up to your expectations...
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There has never been a course like this specifically Muslims who are divorced in the west. 

Believe me, I know it's difficult, I know your pain, and I know the whirlwind of emotions you're going through right now. I went through that for years after divorce.

InshaAllah the 4 free sessions me and a few great experts did were helpful, but the Second Chance class will be on a completely different level, many times more comprehensive, everything from your own self-doubt and self-esteem, to dealing with the reality of building your life again, I'm going to walk with you step by step inshaAllah.

That's why we're putting this class together for you inshaAllah.

This is the class that I WISH EXISTED when I first went through divorce

You're going to get everything you need, and we'll even address issues you didn't realize you had to work through.

We want to give you an option other than therapy sessions that literally cost $1000's, or getting advice from people who mean well, but unfortunately have no idea what they're talking about.

That's why the entire team wanted to make this a total no-brainer. When even 1 hour of time from one of our experts who you'll be learning from would be almost as much as the cost of the ENTIRE COURSE!

What you get in this class will literally be worth $1000's - not just in professional healing advice revealed in therapy, but in all the relief and ease you will finally be able to enjoy again after addressing and dealing with your internal pain roadblocks. 

Now I'm not saying that you will magically turn into an always smiling, carefree woman in 2 weeks. But in my experience, you will be lightyears ahead of where you started inshaAllah, and you'll have a solid foundation and roadmap on what steps to take next to develop the best time in your life inshaAllah.

You've read this far, and the truth is that You have 2 choices:

Stay in pain, go through the years of trial and error yourself and still possibly be at a loss like I was, or get the roadmap to getting past your divorce, feel empowered by knowing what to do, and finally obtaining peace and designing an exciting life yourself.

Don't suffer 1 second more than you have to, register now, it's time to trust yourself and take action now!


"Masha Allah it was amazing and I have no words to explain how it made me feel. Jazakallah khair for all your effort.May Allah give you more strength and courage.May he accepts this great work.Looking forward to attend other 2 webinars too" - Aysha M.

"Masha Allah sister, may Allah bless your team. I desperately needed it. In tears just bawling listening to the audio" - Nabilah A.

"The webinar was amazing mashaAllah! I have been divorced for about 1.5 years now and every day is still a struggle. I have been looking for something like this for a long time, to get an Islamic perspective on this subject. This topic is such a taboo in our culture, even though divorce has become quite common in the Muslim world. I am truly looking forward to attend all the webinars on the topic. I am confident that this will not only help me but also help several wounded souls." - Sinthia

"Jzk, Jzk, Jzk! I cannot express how much dua my heart is sending to the organizing group of these webinars. I ... anxiously wait for [the next] webinar." - Shamila

"Inspiring, very beneficial, I was only able to join for the Q&A, and it still brought me to tears. JZK for hitting this need Heads on!" - Anonymous

It was your destiny to go through divorce, to make you stronger, to erase your sins, and alhumdulillah it is also Allah's destiny that you are reading this right now.

Allah brought you here for a reason, inshaAllah so you can finish the test and come out stronger and happier than you ever thought.

So join me and the other experts, and let's walk through this journey to a newer, happier, peaceful you together inshaAllah.


Jazakallahu khayr,