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Here’s the deal.  We have been getting a lot e-mails and questions asking how to find a wife or husband? How do I know if he/she is the one? What if this happens or that?  What if she rejects me? What if I don’t get married until i’m old? How do I know I’m ready?  How do I convince my parents? 

So this is what we did.  We created a program that will tackle all the essential items you need to KNOW and DO to get married as soon as possible.  So below we have listed exactly what you are going to get, the start and end dates of the program, our weekly coaching program to help guide you on whatever issue you are facing right now in your quest for marriage, on top of that we made it super affordable for everyone.  So check it out below and hopefully we will see you inside.





So Are You Really Ready to Find Your Other Half?

Let’s dive a little deeper into what exactly the program will cover in sha Allah

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This program begins with an Introduction “Orientation” video training that will get you geared mentally and spiritually for the program.

In this video, sh Yaser will introduce you to a set of principles and concepts that we’ll be using during the entire Finding Your Other Half program.

You will get access this video RIGHT after you register for the class… and it’s critical that you watch this video IMMEDIATELY after registering.

Next week (after you watch the orientation and introduction video), you’re going to watch one short “Fast Start” video each day (these  videos are short, maybe 5-12 minutes each).

Each one ends with a very important exercise. Together, the Introduction and Fast Start videos are the first “ module” of the program, and they lay the foundation for Finding Your Other Half.

It’s only 13 minutes long, but he shares a few very important details, about:


Here is something Shaykh Yaser Birjas said in the video that is very simple yet very profound. Something I want you to think about seriously:
“With the rate of divorce that reaches up to 37% in the Muslim community, just in North America alone, people would always look back and say:
“I wish I had known this before!”

“The foundation for a successful marriage begins now; begins here.”

The rest of the 5 week program is organized into four sets of three trainings. You’ll start a new section for these every week.

The second module is going to deal with a lot of inner work stuff on understanding the topic of falling in love, and finding love to get married.


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Do I Have To Fall In Love To Find Love?

One of the biggest questions you are probably
wondering in finding your other half is how will
I know that I will fall in love with my other half and be in love without me crossing any boundaries?

How do I tell if there’s a spark or not between me
and the other prospective partner, will we match?
That’s going to be covered in this first video


Are you attractive to the person you want to attract?

This video module, sh Yaser will discuss the important topic of attraction and compatibility…

When should you compromise a bit on what qualities you are looking for in a person and what qualities would it be a HUGE mistake to compromise on?

What if you are being proposed to by a very decent and religious brother  with good character, should you still marry him? What if you are not attracted to him physically?

Would you be considered amongst those spreading mischief in the land? 

You’ll find out more in this module…

How Am I Accountable For What Influences My  Marriage?

With the divorce rate of Muslims at 37% what are things that could be done to ensure a successful marriage that does not end in divorce?

You will find out what you are accountable for versus that which you are not in influencing hte success of your marriage.

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How Much Of My Past Should I Reveal?

Have you ever wondered how much of your past you should reveal to a potential suitor or how much of his you need to know?

This is a common question, especially for converts, because it is possible that you have made some poor choices in your past, and although you are now a better Muslim, you are terrified of someone asking you a question like "have you ever been in a relationship in the past?" or “are you a virgin still?” 

This module will go into detail on what is considered a fair game question versus what is strictly forbidden to be asked about in Islam…

Are You In A Toxic Relationship Now?

Sr. Megan talked a lot about the Mr. Right Imposter for the sisters, what if you are in a toxic relationship right now with a Mr. Imposter how do you get out of it and what are some things you can practically do to heal and ensure that this doesn’t repeat again in the future?

You will learn about that in this module: Are you in a toxic relationship now


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Am I Ready For Marriage – Financially?

In this topic sh Yaser and I will discuss what “being financially capable” means. What if you are still in school and you want to finish off? Is there a minimum salary amount per year you should be making? Who decides that? All of that will be explained in this video

Am I Ready For Marriage – Academically?

Here in sha Allah we will talk about your academic level, do you need a certain degree or level
to get married?

What if you are a sister and a good brother has proposed to you do you get married while in your bachelors, do you wait until you finish your masters degree?

It all comes down specifically to the culture of the bride and her family. You will learn to identify their expectations are for the proposal in sha Allah to determine that.


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The first previous modules are a lot about inner game work and preparation, and the last week we will be talking about the outer game or practical steps to take in finding your other half.

How Do I Get My Parents ON BOARD?

You will learn to understand the psychology of how to get your parents on board and how to communicate with them.

There are three types of parent backgrounds and you will learn the appropriate approach for each one depending on your family, and knowing this information will tell you a lot about her family or his family so you know how to communicate with your potential in-laws at the proposal time.

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How Do I Make My First Move?

Ok you think you know someone you might be interested in for marriage from an organization you are involved in, or you get a third party recommendation, or you see someone for the first time and something about them attracts you to them, how do you make your first move?

This module will go into detail about that in sha Allah..

How To Make The Right Decision Every Time?

Now you can make your first move but you want to be able to make the right decision every time and every step of the way.
This module sh Yaser will talk about using the power of istikharah and your process of finding your other half.

How To Handle Rejection With A Smile?

Yes the marriage hunt does have some bruises and scars along the way and rejection is one of them. Not everyone has the tawfeeq to find someone immediately that they can click with, that they are happy with their family, and everything goes smooth.

Most of the times you will face rejection until you find the right one. Will that deter you, how is it that you can handle rejection with a smile in sha Allah?

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