Find Your Mr. Right


Attention: Single Muslimah Who Wants To
Find And Marry A Practicing Muslim Man
With Good Character 

If You've Gone From Wondering WHEN You Will Finally Meet The Right Muslim Man For Marriage... To Asking WHY There Aren't Any Good Brothers Out There And Feeling Scared That You Might NEVER Get Married... Then It's Time For You To Learn the Common Mistakes That Drive Good Brothers Away And Keep Too Many Good Sisters Like You Single...

Get Ready To Learn The Common Mistakes You May Be Making When Looking For Mr. Right, What To Say That Will Highlight What He is Looking For in a Wife, All While Being Authentic, Modest, and Confident In The Process in sha Allah...

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A ssalamu Alaikum Sister,

       I recently had a conversation with a sister (which mirrored many I've had before) who wants to know WHY it is so hard for her to get married. She is active in the Muslim community, practicing, kind, easy going, and it's known that she is single and available. How come she hasn't had any proposals yet? (And the ones she did get, were not the kind of men she had in mind for a husband!)

       I was surprised when she told me that she really wants to be the kind of wife who cooks and cleans for her husband, to look after him and pretty much spoil him in the home! (That's what most brothers seem to want. Isn't it? You'd think that she would have been married long ago with those kinds of goals!)

Isn't That The Marriage Of His "Dreams?"

       I was surprised this is what she wanted because like many others in that community, I saw only ONE side of her.

       That was the side of a very active sister who could command an entire team of volunteer brothers, who never seemed to go home, who was always working, studying, or running another huge project. Clearly, Islamic work was a priority in her life, ma sha Allah.

       Most of the brothers respect her, but I can tell you that FEW, if any, ever thought she would want to settle down anytime soon and be a wife, and a potential future mother.

       The truth is: you can't expect people to know who you are, what you want, and how you envision marriage if you don't communicate it yourself.

Find Your Mr. Right Review

"Before the Find Your Mr. Right seminar I was very stressed about marriage and I didn't really want to think about it. I didn't know what to do, everyone knew I wasn't married yet, it was really tough emotionally"

I really appreciated learning how to be open with my parents and family about exactly the type of brother I am looking for, and the conversation went well! I was able to be a little more open-minded and hear what they had to say as well and let them feel that they were heard and respected.

Following through with the action items from the program, a few sisters put me in touch with different suitors they lined up for me, which was a great experience because before nothing was happening."

I would recommend Find Your Mr Right to other sisters because if nothing has happened so far, trust things will happen even if it's not a huge change or great change, you will see a change after this program.

- Sister H., Ontario, Canada

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Many Sisters Know What They Want In A Husband, But Few Know What They Can Offer As A Wife

       I love active, strong sisters! I happen to be one of them myself :) And a good majority of single Muslimahs in the West are highly educated, involved, and can take care of themselves if need be.

       What many of those same sisters don't have, though, is an understanding of what qualities MATTER to a practicing Muslim man, and how to present themselves in a way that is authentic and honest, and at the same time, makes sense to him.

       The result?

       A lot of sisters are still waiting for a proposal; time is ticking; they are getting older; the wrong brothers are proposing; the right ones aren't coming forward; and fear is setting in that they will never get married.

       So, in case you had been wondering WHY on EARTH I have created an entire program dedicated to helping you get married....

       (After all, isn't marriage supposed to be a natural process, that just happens without a bunch of lectures and a need for "experts?")

       ...it's because I realized that although the marriage process of the past worked well, you are NOT like the women of the past that it worked for!

       Women aren't taught to be prepared for marriage at age 17 and married off by 18 or 19. Today, you were told to get an education, to be able to take care of yourself "just in case" and to expect a marriage where you can see eye to eye with your man.

       I find nothing wrong with that, except I discovered another problem...


Muslim Brothers, Honestly, Are Confused Themselves!

       They grew up here too, and they are trying to figure out what a balanced Muslimah looks like that would make a good wife.

       They feel it's awesome to see the advancement of Muslim women (or should I say the return of Muslim women to the way they were during the time of Rasulallah, salAllahualayhiwasallam) but they are also not sure what it means when a Muslimah has a graduate degree, Ph.D., or a full time career path.

       They wonder things like:

  • Will she have energy for me if she is so busy working?
  • Will she sacrifice for future kids, and in what way?
  • Does she end up compromising Islamic principles in her work environment?
  • Will she be able to accept me as a leader in the home since she is used to making all her own decisions?

Find Your Mr. Right Review

"I have learned how to go about finding a husband. I have learned how to best present myself using appropriate language to communicate my personality without intimidating anybody or scaring anybody away.

I learned how to create a marriage resume which is something, I exalt. I didn't know how to write one although I was expected of making one. Because of that I have learned how to involve my parents in the process because my parents like to be here with me.

I would tell other sisters that you have nothing to lose and it's a whole gain for you by attending this program. You'll be learning these things and you need to learn to step out from your comfort zone and more importantly you'll be taking responsibility for what is a very important decision in your life."

- Sister E., London, UK

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The Roles Of Women Have Dramatically
Shifted And That Includes Being A Wife

       A lot of good Muslim brothers, despite being born and raised in the "feminist" West, are still looking for a wife who is more "traditional." That word, for them, is safe , and they imagine: it equals everything they want in marriage.

       I have also found that many sisters also want to be not just a good wife, but to model themselves after the women of the past, like Khadija, and Aisha, radiyallahu 'anhuma.

       Which means that YOU are the one, in many cases, that has to do something different to attract the RIGHT kind of man for marriage, and to NOT turn him off from wanting to propose to you by learning how to represent yourself authentically.

       It's amazing how simple some of the suggestions are that have helped sisters get married (even after years of trying and being ready to give up!) but common wisdom isn't always common practice!

       And honestly, it's just about realizing that times have changed, and learning how to communicate who you are, and what you want has become essential to the marriage process (after all, no one would have imagined using a matrimonial website 100 years ago!)


Which Is Exactly Why I Created
The "Find Your Mr. Right" Program

       When I first started working with sisters on getting married, I heard about the number of months (if not years!) they had been looking for or waiting for a decent proposal.

       Their frustration and disappointment in the "system" was understandable, because it seemed they could meet all kinds of really great people at school, work, and in their communities, but when it came to a decent, practicing Muslim brother, it felt impossible!

       Do you relate to some of their disappointments?

  • Did on-site matchmaking events make you feel like a piece of artwork? Where you are on display for your looks, and educational credentials, and no one even asked about who you are as a person! (and if you went dressed Islamically, it seemed no one was interested)
  • Have you tried out online matchmaking sites that turned out to be a disaster? The brothers there (of course realizing the sheer volume of single sisters on the site) were NOT serious or respectable to a sister like yourself who IS serious about her deen, and wanted to have a prolonged "chat" session night after night?
  • Did you ask friends to help you find someone, only to find out later that they think you are acting desperately? That certainly feels discouraging. After all, who wants to look as if no one wants to marry her?
  • Did you have a great proposal from a brother you really liked, and then suddenly, he changed his mind, and broke things off? Rejection like that, not only hurts, but it's confusing! "Where did I go wrong?"

Find Your Mr. Right Review

"I have learned inside tricks about the art of actually being straight forward and in an appropriate manner when communicating with a brother. I have learned how to also listen better and take other people's opinions. I also found when you do that especially with a man so he feels special.

I already recommended this program and would definitely recommend it again to other sisters because I have learned that if we open our eyes that you can put things that you already know into practice. Things that are common sense but you haven't been acting them. I would tell other sisters to look in themselves and see the positive qualities they have and use it to their advantage and to also take the right path."

- Sister M., USA


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Here's How This Eight Week Seminar Will
Help You Find Your Mr. Right For Marriage


Week One -- Sneak Peak
Topic: Getting Inside The Mind Of Mr. Right

  • What exactly does a practicing Muslim men from the West want in a wife -- finally identify why it seems that many practicing brothers are interested in only stay at home wives, or a traditional marriage -- but also being able to distinguish if he will just be a controlling jerk or if he will allow you to contribute to the Ummah with your talents
  • Discover an essential mindset that will allow you to enter into the marriage process fully aware of his views and not just yours -- if you are missing this mindset your future marriage may go sour within a short ime
  • Find out if you and him may be wanting the same things, but using different words to describe your ideal marriage. This has caused many sisters to say "no" to a brother who in reality was just what they were looking for...
  • And more...


Week Two -- Sneak Peak Topic:
Getting Laser-Clarity On What You Could Offer To Your Husband As A Wife In Clear And Tangible Terms

  • Figure out what it is that maybe keeping potential brothers from even asking about you in the first place (so, you don't have to be in the dark, without a clue, year after year)
  • Determine how you really view marriage and what you really think about it (not what you say to others), by completing a simple, yet powerful exercise
  • Have the proper method of communicating about what you want in a husband and also what YOU can offer him (and never have to fumble over words when someone asks you those questions)
  • And more...


Week Three -- Sneak Peak Topic:
Secrets About Modesty, Beauty, And Attraction
That Most Women Will Never Know...

  • Instead of just guessing , really find out what you maybe doing wrong when it comes to your beauty and how you create attraction, that's actually harming you
  • Identify which simple body languages can make a HUGE difference between your Mr. Right knowing that you are an amazing confident sister or you are an awkward weird sister; between your Mr. Right taking things to the next level or breaking things off with you
  • Discover where your own beauty has a limit and may be actually HURTING you in the marriage process
  • And more...


Find Your Mr. Right Review

"Before the class I was very frustrated because like other sisters I had my family, and friends know that I'm getting older day by day and they're all asking when are you getting married?! So I was like wheat am I doing wrong and why aren't people thinking about me in a way and helping me get married?

When my parents tried to help it was so hard for me to even to put into paper what exactly what I was looking for as well. Taking this class helped me so much in a way that I can put it in tangible terms this is exactly the guy that I want completely hundred percent and the characteristics that I want in my future husband. In the past I couldn't do that at all.

Now my parents are not so much frustrated with me anymore they're like I understand what you were looking for and then we'll help you find that kind of guy."

- Sister U., USA

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Week Four -- Sneak Peak Topic:
Love, Feelings And Emotions:
Your Best Friend And Your Worst Enemy

  • Learn how myths surrounding love could be preventing you from getting married (and leading you to be more afraid of commitment when he does propose)
  • Discover how to differentiate between REAL love and being in love . (This can single-handedly allow you to be better prepared for not only how you approach the marriage process, but the greater success of your future marriage)
  • Find out what healthy love looks like and what un healthy love looks like -- which will give you a compass in making the best decision throughout the marriage process
  • And more...


Week Five -- Sneak Peak Topic:
From Future-Wife To Future-Mother

  • How to express to a potential suitor that you want to be a successful wife and mother despite your passion in the career you have earned either a Masters or a Ph.D. degree in (and before that, how not to threaten him with all your accomplishments!)
  • Step-by-step exercises where you will (maybe for the first time in your life!) set goals and a vision for the kind of mother you want to be so you can speak confidently when he asks what your future vision is
  • A window to understand his view regarding motherhood, and why he feels a traditional wife is the way to go to secure a good future for his family
  • And more...


Find Your Mr. Right Review

"Before this class I was very pessimistic adn I felt like there was something wrong with everyone but myself. So this class has opened my eyes and has helped me to work on myself and get that male perspective.

Taking this class has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and get the help of others onboad who want to help me and be proactive.

I'm seeing the fruits of my work and feel I'm happier now, seeing peole involved has totally changed my behavior and the way I think. Even though I'm not married yet, I am more comfortable being able to speak to others and getting their help in finding my Mr. Right.

If you are doing the same thing and you're not getting any result, I would definitely recommend taking this class. It can be an eye opener for a lot of things that  couldbe hidden and you don't even know.

Sister E, Canada


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Week Six -- Sneak Peak Topic:
Marriage Resume Makeover Introduction

  • Have the basic foundation you need to create an excellent marriage resume, (biodata or CV) and if you already have one, you will know how to tweak it, make it concise yet descriptive, so it will be magnetic to your prospects
  • Learn how to NOT give a false representation of yourself, especially if you are a fun person to be around, but you feel very shy and awkward at first (if THAT happens, that would mean: the person he sees for the first time is NOT who you really are, which will most likely turn him off and he may not pursue you any further)
  • Discover which elements are necessary to put into your marriage resume or online profile, and which elements you should NOT include (so, you'll know which information about yourself to save for follow-up conversations because you don't want the first impression to be either too little or too much -- just like too little is not enough, too much can also be overwhelming for him and knowing how to balance that is extremely important)

    And More...


Week Seven-- Sneak PeakTopic:
Presenting Yourself On The Marriage Market
And Communicating With Impact

  • Not just sort of know, but truly PINPOINT what you may be doing wrong, that's actually causing you to get zero proposals or too many of the wrong proposals. (It maybe something that you are saying or implying by what you're saying, without you even knowing about it!)
  • See a step-by-step guide on how to get ready and actually go through the process of finding your Mr. Right in a way that is actually much simpler than what most people think (this is one of those places where having the RIGHT knowledge can save you YEARS of headache and pain)
  • Find ways to be more pro-active and take specific actions, in spite of the obstacles and fears you may have, so you can meet brothers who would actually like you, even if you are 30 years old with a Ph.D. and even if you have internal talks that sometimes make you freeze and leave you helpless

    And more...


Week Eight -- Sneak Peak Topic:
Find HIM Without Looking Desperate

  • Learn some of the biggest mistakes single women make before marriage (specially during this getting married process) and how you can easily avoid them
  • Know how to coach your family and friends to help them represent YOU effectively and get the right message across when THEY speak to potential prospects on YOUR behalf; so that you, your family, and your friends can avoid the mistakes that force a potential brother to turn away before he gets to know the REAL you (regardless of whether or not you actually meet with that brother directly)
  • Implement this technique used by three sisters consistently (I coached them personally) that got them all married in less than 6 months

    And more...


Find Your Mr. Right Review

"I understand men and how they think and I am better prepared in the way I communicate and tehway I present myself through my clothing.

In my heart also I feel content because I am doing all the possible things to get me married and am confident ALlah knows when is the best time to meet someone for me so this is the time where I do the effort, the Islamic way, and leave the rest to Allah."

- Sister I., USA


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So How Much Will It Cost You?

       I know that all things are in the Hands of Allah, and what I am asking you to take the means that will support you in fulfilling this act of worship.

       Any time or money spent is something you are responsible for, and your intentions behind it. I don't want you to invest anything without losing focus on the big picture.

       The reality is that you have probably spent a lot of time and money on things that are important, but not necessarily a top priority in your life as a Muslim.

       I am sure you will agree with me, that marriage ranks up there at the top! Being a wife (and future mother, in sha Allah) is one of THE most important roles you will ever fulfill.

       And I know that you would like to get married much sooner than later!

From The Research We've Done, The Average Time That Most Sisters Have Spent In The Pursuit Of Marriage, Was Roughly 3 And A Half Years, With About 3 to 4 Proposals In That Time Frame

       That time could be potentially shortened by knowing the things I am teaching in the "Find Your Mr. Right" Seminar .

       So, if you could get married in 23 months vs. 42 months (the average) that would be an extra 2 years of enjoying marital life, and a special relationship with your husband!

       How much would that be worth to you?

       Each day you continue to do things "the same old way," is one more day that could have been spent in the arms of your husband.

       What I am happy about is that I can give individual attention to many people at once (thanks to the internet), which means I can make the program super affordable (versus working with me one-on-one).

       Other sisters have paid nearly $2,000 dollars to work with me individually, but the information in this program by FAR surpasses their experience because it's not only a system , but it's broken down into bite-sized chunks that you can go back to, over and over again.



Find Your Mr. Right Review

"Taking this class has allowed me to think more about the womanly dimsensionsthat I have and also actively think about what I can offer in a marriage and communicate that clearly.

I have learned to emphasize those qualties like my desire to be commited to my family and children that really matter to a man.

I think bottom line I learned how to communicate aspects of me that indicate to a potential husband that I would make a fabulous wife."

- Sister R., USA


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So, I Dramatically Reduced The Tuition
(And Increased The Value Being Given)...

       ...to less than 1/4th the cost of working one-on-one:

       $497 as a one time payment... AND... of course I understand that this can be a large chunk of money all at once, so I don't want to leave ANYONE out...

       So, here is what I've done -- I made arrangements so that you can enroll in the "Find Your Mr. Right" Program for 3 smaller payments of only $177.

But What Happened To
Doing Things Fee Sabeelillah ?

       I've been asked this question a lot, and I want to offer an answer from now.

       I absolutely love my work, and I am blessed to have been given such amazing opportunities to work with sisters, especially in this area which is so important.

       Marriage and family life is one of the building blocks for a strong Muslim ummah, and the work being done here by all individuals in a similar field is priceless.

       If I could do it for free, I would! Myself, and the amazing team behind me at Practimate, want to continue to provide high quality programs for the Muslim Ummah. And the only way we can do that (because this is MORE than a full time job, believe it or not! ) is to exchange YOUR monetary investment for the best WE have to offer: in knowledge, research, experience, and guidance.

       So, I stand behind our work 100%, and that is why I personally refuse to work on ANY program that doesn't promise to give you your money back if it's not what you were expecting.

       In these hard economic times, we are all working hard to make ends meet, and to do it in a way that is halal and pleasing to Allah.

       The goal is to give you more value than what you paid for, and to do things with ihsan .

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My Money Back Promise To You...

Try the Mr. Right Seminar for yourself for 2 weeks. That's right, 2 weeks. If you don't feel that you have gotten MORE than your money's worth, then you can drop me a one-line email asking for a refund.

Of all the investments you make in your life, I really want this one to be one of the best insha'Allah!

This is entirely MY risk. And I'm not a bit worried about it, because I already KNOW the incredible results you are going to enjoy...

Remember, you get it ALL:

1.    8 Weeks of LIVE training modules

2.   Access Members Only Website

3.   And more "special surprise bonuses" that I've got in store for you in sha Allah...

(Of course the classes will be recorded in case you miss the time and so that you can listen as many times as you like!)

So, are you ready? Bismillah!

Enroll Now To "Find Your Mr. Right "

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But Megan...

       I know, I know... you have a reason why you truly believe that this program isn't right for you. For the sake of your future success, please allow me to "debunk" some of the most common constraints that sisters share with me every day.

1.    Why do I need an 8 week seminar program to find Mr. Right while so many of my friends have found their Mr. Right without "over-analyzing" the whole process?

The answer to this is simple: Your friends are already married, and you are NOT. It doesn't mean this is the ONLY way to get there faster, but it for sure is going to leave you in a place where you are more resourceful, finding more options, and feeling more confident about the marriage process, in sha Allah. Besides, the "work" you do here is going to help you not ONLY in finding your Mr. Right, but it will be useful even after you are married!

2.    But what about time? I don't have the time to even look for a spouse much less take an 8-week program.

Even if you are busy, you have to commit to your success. If you believe that you are ready to get married, you will MAKE the time for this. If you make getting ready for marriage one of your priorities, then you will FIND time.

This system, in sha Allah, will actually SAVE you time in the long run, because I'm going to show not only the obstacles that could be in your way, but the common mistakes that many sisters are making that lead them to get married in 3 or 4 years, instead of 1 or 2.

3. My budget is really tight and it's just way cheaper if I do things myself.

You are right: it is cheaper to do things alone. After all, your mother didn't pay for a "service" to help her get married, right? I understand that this is a new concept, and that you feel getting married should "just happen." But if that were true, there wouldn't be a "marriage crisis" across Western Muslim communities where imams and counselors, and conferences are holding events to help people get married.

The truth is,
your investment isn't just to find a husband, but to be READY for marriage in the process. For all the money invested in your education, it's only fair to put some in the direction of such an important role in your life!

4. I don't want to take a seminar where I have to stoop low and be deceptive in how I describe myself so I can just get married.

I don't want that for you either. I do NOT want you to falsely market yourself, as I do not believe in deception. My goal, rather, is so simply help you understand
WHAT to highlight from the unique qualities Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala has blessed you with. The problem is in NOT knowing how to describe yourself in the best way which makes it harder for others searching on YOUR behalf to find the right kind of brother.

Let's Zoom Back Out Here
To The Big Picture For A Moment

       Our goal in this life is to worship Allah; to earn His Pleasure, His Mercy, and return to the eternal comforts of Jannah.

       There is nothing worth doing or investing in, if it's not going to help you in that journey.

       My goal is to help you be as successful as possible in the process of getting married, and to help you ENJOY it at the same time, WITHOUT ever compromising the Shari'ah given to us by Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala.

       I am offering you my full commitment in our time together, and I will do all that I can personally do, to help you find your Mr. Right, in sha Allah.

Let's begin... Bismillah.

wasalamu 'alaikumwarahmatullah

Megan Wyatt

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