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Resume samples

Resume 1

About Me:I am a physically built hard working graduate student i weigh xxx lbs and I am x foot x inches.I have a certificate for computer engineering and I am about to get ready to work on it.Trust is everything to me so is loyalty I am loyal and trust worthy person .I am loving and compassionate only to the right person..
Who I’m looking for:

I believe all woman are beautiful , no matter what size , shape , race or ethnicity. To say about myself,  I am a very loving person , and I am pretty happy with my life right with what I am now, so i really want to look for my other half to share my happiness with ,what i wish to have in my match is a good heart , and honesty , beauty is a requirement but i dont have that much high standards , as i said woman are beautiful no matter what.

Resume 2

About Me:I believe I reached a point where its time for me to settle down with the right kind of person. Life I know is not smooth all the time and sometimes it takes the right turn at the wrong time. I firmly believe in Allah and a practising muslim. My parents stay in xx and we are from xx-xx. I respct my parents very much as they have given us the good education and have tried to instill not just Islam but eman with the best practises. I believe in doing things moderately. I think Family is something which needs to be lived and cherished every moment.
Who I’m looking for:

I have no requirement as such because i think the person I am looking for has already been destined to me by Allah. But at the same time all i can say is that I am looking for a person who is gentle, religious and adventurous.I would like to have an educated better half so that she can take care of my children and at the same time also focus on herself if she intends to do so.

Resume 3

About Me:Most sisters who approach me want a legal status out of me. I am here to turn the tables and I'm genuinely serious. If you are not American, I will marry you and relax in your parents' home in your native country like the awesome 34 year old that I am. I'll make a great son in law Inshallah. Parents can't speak English? No problem! Grunts, whistles, body movements, and hand gestures (modest ones) go a long way! Watch me explain Hajj to them without speaking a word! I'm sure they'll never forget! Worried about my cultural adjustment? Well worry no more! I'll teach your family how to BBQ, say words like dude and awesome, and how to go hunting! I'll even cook, clean, and sew leopard skin thobes and abayas for our kids (Muslimahs from Botswana are encouraged to apply as I need sewing material).
Who I’m looking for:

This profile is a testament to my character. From the picture to the text written you can tell I am a happy-go-lucky individual. I hope to remain this way Inshallah. :)

Who I’m looking for:

*A woman who tries to make Allah pleased with her.

*A woman who loves to laugh.

*A woman whose Iman is boosted by the simple blessings of life.

*A woman whose tongue is moist with the dhicker of Allah and is at awe when seeing the beauty of His creation, plants, flowers, animals, etc.

*A mature woman who has not been married before or done zina. Widows are perfectly ok. I wouldn't want to miss out on the chance of marrying a Khadija (RA)!

* And finally, a woman who can run a mile in less than 15 minutes.... Unless you want me to carry you around on the trail.

If you don't meet the above criteria, do NOT message me. I have come across a lot of weirdos so please read the following carefully: I'm not into games. I'm very serious about getting married and my parents/friends/family/chinchilla know I am online. If you have a wali, expect me to request their info on initial contact. Your cat is not your wali and neither is your best friend's cousin's mamma. We are meeting online, so don't try and get me to conjure up some ridiculous story that we met elsewhere.

If I haven't scared you off yet, CONTACT ME! And no, even though I definitely come off as a joker, this profile is not a joke. :)

Resume 4

About Me:I am a muslim ,repect my religion,my family,my culture open mind..easy going,like shopping,cooking, traveling and discouver the world ,like to have a vacation...I m educated ...I have college degree i pray 5 times a day ..I like to invest my money in gold , apartments and restaurants ,im a business man.
Who I’m looking for:

happy wife for good life....I would like my wife to be a good wife , respect me as I respect her,love me as I love her,take care of me and our children....understanding the life , knowing how to raise the children..also respect my to have fun and travel with vacation

Resume 5

About Me:Computer engineer by profession, hoping to also become a full-time husband and family man and complete the rest of my life. In my free time, I prioritize attending islamic classes and programs and I try to pray in congregation whenever possible, listening and learning from our local imams and visiting scholars. In between prayers I make time for sports and any other physical activities, hanging out with friends (and spoiling their little ones), movies, reading and all the usual pastimes, but I try to seek those pursuits that will help me towards the ever lasting success.
Who I’m looking for:

Someone who is smart, honest, funny, cute, who will be my fortress and help inspire me to become a better muslim than I could become by myself, kind, gentle, patient, and shares an interest in learning more about our deen.

Resume 6

About Me:If you are looking for a brother who knows what he wants in life, ambitious, genuinely interested in success in the deen and dunya and loves to laugh, then you should read further, if not, thank you so much for visiting anyway.

Born in xx, raised here since kindergarten

Islamic Activities: Alhumdulillah, I was blessed to be one of the founders and the first president of my high school MSA.

In addition to this, I served as a city youth coordinator and served on the state board during college for a national youth organization called Young Muslims CA (YMCA). I take advantage of Almaghrib classes when they come to my city, but am looking to improve much more. Growing spiritually with my wife is very important to me.

Education: Graduated with honors from xx University with a -- in xx  and a degree in xx

Occupation: Currently working as a consultant in xx.

Hobbies: Reading at Barnes & Nobles, listening to lectures, traveling for the sake of activity over sightseeing, movies

(thriller/horror) although not too much. I enjoy eating out with my friends and fam, and love making others laugh.

Relationships: Never married, No girlfriends (ever), I don't shake hands with women outside of my mahram

Personality: I lean to an expressive personality type.

Who I’m looking for:

If religion, growth in many areas of life and having a relationship where you can feel totally comfortable showing your true personality are key to you, they are to me as well.

What I'm looking for:

Religious, wants to grow, as do I. Focused on quran and sunnah, yet knows that knowledge is not just in books, but in character as well.

Someone who is not too reserved with me, but shy of the opposite gender, ambitious regarding improving her family's life/ life of others. I like making people laugh, and am pretty good at it alhumdulillah, so she must be able to laugh at my jokes, or at least laugh at me if they're bad :) - please have a sense of humor, I usually always have a smile on my face and am pretty playful with my family. I like/try to be witty - and would love it if I do something that only me and my wife get even if it's with a group of people.

Doesn't take herself too seriously, enjoys life, laughing, spontaneity.

Resume 7

About Me:I am a very social person who loves interacting and learning about different cultures and am always willing to help my community no matter where I liv .With that being said I love travelling and going on adventure.One of my future goal is to inshallah open up a Quran Institute  for teaching Quranic recitation and tafseer in all poor countries.I love the deen and love giving dawaah and attend and get involved with islamic organizations.I respect all values and cultures as long as they dont go against the quran and sunnah.I have currently graduated in xx from xx University and am currently employed as a xx for xx Inc.

My parents live in xx  where my father works. I am the youngest of the three siblings; my elder sister is married and living in xx and my elder brother is working for the state as xx.I am an active individual who loves socializing with poeple. I have and inshaAllah will continue to live my life according to quran and sunnah. I have shortcomings and I accept them in front of Allah and would like my other half to accept and be patient with me as well .As Rasulullah [Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: "Amongst the most perfect of mumins in Imaan is he who has the best character and amongst the best of them is he who is kindest towards his wife."

I personally try keeping a balance in my secular life and religious beliefs. I am actively involved in the MSA and Allah has given me the opportunity to become the president of the Queen’s MSA. At times I am a bit adventurous and like organizing many events trying to create a strong brotherhood wherever I go.
Who I’m looking for:

I would like her to be honest,humble and patient with my parents .Love them and respect them as their own .She should as well be involved with me to help uplift the society and communities.She should be open minded to ideas and ready to discuss and provide solutions to any future problems .I am looking for a girl who also is strong in her faith and values and with whom we can both help each other become better Muslims, and thus better people, InshaAllah. I’d like an educated girl who keeps her priority to her deen and also likes to go out and participate in various community activities; someone who would enjoy going out with me, travel, and be a bit adventurous. I hope this is enough information about myself and gives you a good idea of what I’m looking for in a spouse, Inshallah.

Resume 8

I am a God fearing person whose primary concern is to be the best practicing Muslim I can be. I am not perfect but I look on opportunities to improve each and every day and I am seeking a life partner with whom I can grow with in my Deen and live life as Allah intended. I am also active in the community and in our local masjid.

I am an adventitious person and I enjoy most of the outdoors activities, because I absolutely love nature. I am also very keen on keeping myself fit so i enjoy working out and keeping in shape. I am also a down to earth person who enjoys spending time with family and friends.
Who I’m looking for:

I am looking for a beautiful practicing sister who shares similar interests like I do.

I want someone who is a pleasure to be around and has a positive outlook on life, good sense of humor, and easy going. Someone who is active in learning about the deen and implementing it. If you want to get into specifics message me.

Resume 9

About Me:Education: I attended xx University as an undergraduate and studied xx Engineering. I graduated from medical school at the University of xx in xx.

Profession: I am a resident at the University of xx in xx, NV.

Hobbies: I enjoy dining and watching movies. Some of my hobbies are weight lifting and playing basketball.

Who I’m looking for:

Looking for someone who is a good Muslim, pursued education past undergrad, tries to pray five times a day, has good character and moral values, is easy going , is family oriented and will prioritize raising children as good Muslims, has a good family background, and is between 22 and 26 years old.

Resume 10

About Me:My family is originally from xx, India although I was born and raised in the US. I'm the owner of three businesses and currently reside in xx with my family. I'm easy going and flexible and would like for my wife to be as well. I have a pretty big family and love being around people. I try to practice Islam to the best of my ability and always try to learn more so I can be a better Muslim. I would like someone who understands the importance of Islam as well. Feel free to message me if you would like to know more.
Who I’m looking for:

I'd like someone who is thoughtful of others and not self centered. Someone with good manners and who is able to get along with others. Someone I can get along and connect with and shares my values. I'm pretty flexible and open minded and I would like the same in a spouse as well. I'd like someone from a similar cultural background as well.








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