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“I loved the program. It was insightful and opened my eyes to elements of the marriage process that would never have occurred to me. I feel a lot more prepared for the marriage process post-program than I did pre-program. Alhumdulillah.”


 “One of the biggest benefits I found going through the program was forcing myself to critically think about, and literally put down on paper, what I wanted in a marriage and what my expectations were for me, my wife, and my family”

 “I really enjoyed the call-in sessions. It was nice to hear what other people are thinking and going through. I don’t mean this in a bad way, but it’s good to know that there are others in the same boat. It was also encouraging to know that there are (and there will always be) still lots of good brothers and sisters out there who do want to get married”.

 “The lessons and contents of this Practimate in light of Islamic + human psychological perspectives are what I’ve been looking for years. Thank you Sr. Megan, Sh. Yaser, & Br. Atiq”

 "Find your other half programme “forced” me to conciously admit what my personal barriers are to getting married, and NOW i know this i can make tangible changes to improve my chances of finding my My other half. I encourage everyone to sign-up for this because all those things that are floating in your head right now are drawn out of you and when put onto paper you visibily see whats in your head, it shocks you into change immediately!"

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