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Sister Z

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Your Speak His Language mini-workshop is exactly what I was looking for.

 MashAllah, I always wondered growing up why so many women I had seen were so unhappy in the relationships and marriages they were in. This to me became a mystery and even a point of where I didn’t feel any motivation and happiness towards the beautiful bond of marriage.

 As I have continued to search for true love between Muslim husbands and wives I have noticed things between couples that are happy in relationship compared to those that aren’t.

 I began my journey to understand this relationship that Allah swt has created between a man and a woman. I bought and started to read islamic books such as, Gift to the bride by G.A Majeed, Together Forever by FaiezSeyal and the Muslim Marriage guide by RuqiyyahWaris and Ideal muslimah, and Don’t be Sad by AaidhIbn Al-Qarni.

 Though all these books are great MashAllah, I thought that while, we all spend so much time gaining an education by going to the best colleges, there MUST be some kind of Islamic initiative that EDUCATES the ummah about MARRIAGE!!there must be!!

 My friend, who is a catholic got married and was talking to me about how their church requires them to get a marriage license via a weekend intensive program that has a 99.9% marriage success rate! They did activities and asked different questions to really get the couples to think about their future together as a couple..and not just their future wedding party!

I have so much hope and so much duas for the great work Practimate and you are doing for the Muslim ummah!

Jazak Allah khair- for educating the ummah that the journey to marriage and through marriage begins and ends with understanding our inner-self! Knowledge is indeed power!!

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